About Volunteer Rifle & Pistol Club

Volunteer Rifle & Pistol Club has been providing quality range activities since our founding on June 16th, 1930. It is our mission to organize, conduct, and supervise safe shooting activities and range operations. We believe the best way to achieve this goal is to never compromise safety, and always be professional, friendly, helpful, understanding and honest.  

Club Officers

Mike Luethke Club President.                   558-6097

Jason Neely Club Vice President.             922-2987

James Wagner Club Executive Officer    546-9321

Jana Neely Club Secretary                       

Jay Love Club Treasurer.                           573-0017

Dave De Resi Club Chief Range Safety Officer.  

Jerry Huffman Club Chief Instructor.       691-5080

Club    Board Of Directors

Doug Bryant        925-4606
Dave DeRisi         300-1607
Mike Luethke

Joe McDonald      687-8617

Bill Kennedy Chairman    216-9511
Bill Noll                 688-0321
Jeff Parlow

Scott Johnson

John Thomas       588-3093

Doug Estep
Mary Furr  


Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.
National Rifle Association Member Organization.
Tennessee Firearms Association.


General Club Information

The Volunteer Rifle and Pistol Club was founded on June 16th, 1930.  It shares the use of John Sevier Range, which is a Federal military reservation, with the Tennessee Army National Guard, as well as, other branches of the US military establishment. Currently, the Army Corps of Engineers is the responsible agency for the administration of this Federal facility. VRPC has a permit to use the facility from the Federal Government on an annual basis.  It is through the generosity of the Federal Government that VRPC enjoys the use of the John Sevier Range, therefore, all members are guests of the Federal Government and should treat the facilities accordingly.  It is the responsibility of all members to conduct themselves as a responsible guest, keeping the facilities clean and accident free.  Further, VRPC members are expected by their hosts to enhance and maintain the facility, and active participation in this duty is expected of each and every member. 


John Sevier Range (JSR) has a significant amount of American & Military History associated with its present location.  JSR is approximately 7 miles north of downtown Knoxville at 2327 Rifle Range Road; easily accessible from Interstates I-40 & I-75.  During the Revolutionary War, volunteers from the Tennessee Territory fought against the British in NC, VA and TN. John Sevier, TN’s first official Governor (1796-1801, 1803-1809), was very popular and Knoxville served as the state capital until 1812.  In 1879, the Military began using this property as a rifle range and was deeded to the US Government in 1907. JSR was used during the Spanish-American War for firearms training and as a Prisoner of War camp during WW1.  As military training continued at this location and the need for extended stays were frequent, it was formally referred to as “Camp John Sevier.” The Tennessee Army National Guard managed to “operate and maintain a hunter education/firing range facility for public use”. The JSHEC was annexed by the City of Knoxville on August 15, 2000 ad zoned as A-1 General Agricultural. The JSHEC consists of 123.1 acres entirely fenced and located northwest of the intersection of Grove Drive/Mynatt Road and Rifle Range Road. In addition to Volunteer Rifle and Pistol Club (VRPC), Smokey Mountain Archers (SMA) has an actively chartered club with separate indoor/outdoor ranges and established shooting